Update 10/2/21

After two years, it’s time for Headwaters to say farewell to High Springs.  Thank you to all of our amazing guests, the great friends we’ve made, our fantastic staff and everyone who supported us. There’s something special about someone really loving the thing you’ve created and that’s never been lost on me.  

Anyway – maybe see you again sometime, maybe not.  We did some cool stuff, we had fun and it was nothing if not interesting, but our time here has come to an end. 

So long, and thanks for all the fish. 

Cheers, y’all 

DH & The Headwaters Team

(check our Facebook and Instagram or call the restaurant for today’s lunch special)

Monday: Burger Day! $2 off all burgers
Wednesday: $4 off Wings
Thursday: $2 off Hot Chicken
Friday: $2 off Fish + Chips
Saturday & Sunday 11am-4pm ONLY:
– Breakfast Sandwich $13
A freshly baked signature square biscuit, fried chicken, house made bacon, one over medium egg, and American cheese – served with our signature steak fries.

– Chicken Biscuit $10
a freshly baked signature square biscuit, fried chicken



headwaters bacon – grilled lardons of house cured and smoked bacon, served with yellow mustard – $6

pimento cheese – served with pickles and saltines – $7

smoked fish dip – house smoked fish, diced vegetables, served with pickles and saltines – $9

whole smoked chicken wings – brined, smoked & fried, whole wing (drum & flat) with ranch or bleu cheese dressing
flavors: house bbq, korean bbq, hot buffalo, nashville hot
four – $11 | six – $14 | eight – $18

house salad – leaf lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, pickled pepper, mozzarella – $9
dressings: ranch, bleu cheese, house vinaigrette
+Springer Mountain chicken breast – $6


all sandwiches served with house pickles and one side

bbq on texas toast – slow-smoked meats topped with coleslaw
–> pork shoulder & house bbq sauce – $11.50
–> beef brisket & mustard bbq sauce – $13

bbq grilled chicken – house bbq sauce, lettuce, tomato – $11

hot chicken – brined & fried chicken breast, nashville hot – $12

pork chop – fried pork chop, house bbq sauce, coleslaw – $11

fish – chicken fried cod, coleslaw, lemon tartar, tomato – $13

smash burger – american cheese, burger sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion
single – $8.50 | double – $11.50 | triple – 14.50


1/2lb bbq platters – served with texas toast and two sides
beef brisket – $17
pork shoulder – $14.50
brisket & pork – $16

bbq grilled chicken – two springer mountain chicken breasts, house bbq sauce, two sides – $14

fish + chips – chicken fried cod, steak fries, coleslaw, lemon tartar, pickles – $16


baked beans
brussels sprouts
cucumber salad
mac & cheese
small side salad
steak fries
herb & truffle fries
cajun fries


inspired & season treats made daily
triple chocolate cake – $7
cookies – $1.25 each or $6 1/2 dozen
banana or chocolate pudding – $5

Kid Stuff

served with steak fries

fish sandwich – $8

cheeseburger – $7

chicken strips – $7

grilled cheese – $6